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Balance Sheet Finalization Online Certification Course

A Balance Sheet Finalization Online Certification Course is a Comprehensive Training Program that Educates Individuals on the preparation, Analysis, and Compliance of Balance Sheets, a Vital Financial Statement. We cover Income Tax Act 1961 and Companies Act 2013, Reports Preparation, Tax Audit, Planning and Allowable Deductions and Exemptions. It covers topics like Asset and Liability Valuation, Financial Statement Analysis, Adherence to Accounting Standards, Error Identification and Correction, Statutory and Practical Experience in Balance Sheet Preparation. The Course Equips Students with the Skills and Knowledge to ensure that Financial Reports accurately reflect a Company's Financial Position, making it Valuable for Accountants, Financial Analysts, and Business Professionals. Tyariexamki is the best online Learning institute in India which provides you with practical and theoretical classes.

What will you learn

Enhanced Accounting Skills

Master the art of closing financial books and preparing accurate balance sheets, boosting your proficiency in financial reporting.

Career Advancement

Gain a recognized certification that validates your expertise, making you a sought-after candidate for accounting positions and opening doors to higher-level career opportunities.

Flexible Learning

Enjoy the convenience of online study, allowing you to balance learning with your current commitments, whether it's work, family, or other personal pursuits. This flexibility enables you to advance your skills at your own pace, fitting education into your busy lifestyle effortlessly.

  • Live Class on ZOOM by Top Mentors
  • 1 Year Complete Access of Live Recorded
  • Instant Solve Your Query in Live Class
  • Full Access on Mobile, PC, Tablet and TV
  • Live Doubt Session on Weekly and Monthly Basis
  • Instant Support through WhatsApp, email and Telegram
  • Downloadable Class Notes, Forms and Study Material
  • Training on Real Data with Real Clients ( Practical Course )


No of Subjects

17 +

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Overview of Balance Sheet Finalization Course


Income Tax Act 1961 Law
Companies Act 2013 Law

• Overview of financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement) • Introduction to Accounting Standards (AS) or GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) • Role of Accounting Standards in financial reporting'

• Components of a balance sheet: assets, liabilities, shareholders' equity • Current and non-current assets and liabilities • Presentation of balance sheet items as per AS or GAAP'

• Valuation methods for assets, including historical cost, fair value, and impairment considerations • Depreciation, amortization, and depletion under Accounting Standards'

• Classification of liabilities (current and non-current) • Components of shareholders' equity: share capital, retained earnings, other comprehensive income • Disclosure requirements for equity transactions'

• Understanding accruals and deferrals • Revenue recognition principles as per AS or GAAP'

• Identifying and correcting errors • Reconciling accounting records and balance sheet figures'

• Liquidity and solvency analysis • Ratios and financial indicators for assessing a company's financial health.'

• Compliance with AS or GAAP'

• Balance sheet format and structure in accordance with Accounting Standards • Preparation of notes to the financial statements • Specific disclosure requirements under AS or GAAP'

• Case studies and exercises involving company financial statements • Hands-on experience in preparing and finalizing balance sheets in compliance with Accounting Standards'

• Understanding the role of auditors in balance sheet verification • Internal and external audit considerations specific'

• Stay up-to-date with changes in Accounting Standards, regulatory updates, and industry-specific accounting guidelines'

• Excel and other financial modeling tools commonly used'



Course Mentors

CA Nikhil Khaneja

( CA, B.Com)
Experience: 10+ Years.
Training session: 1158
Student trained : CA, B.Com
Experties: Accounting, Taxation and Finance

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