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This is a live course on Busy Accounting costware. In this Course You Will Learn about How to Install and Start Busy 18 Accounting Software, How to create Ledger and Groups and modify of Groups and Ledgers, How to maintain stock in Busy 21 Accounting Software, How to Enable Advance Configuration for stock Items and others, How to Record Day-To-Day Transaction in Busy 21 Like Contra Voucher, Payment Voucher, Receipt Voucher, journal, sale Invoice, Purchase Invoice, Debit and Credit Notes, stock journal and Physical Stock etc., How to maintain Accounts Payable and Account Receivable Management in Busy 21, How to view MIS Reports in Busy 21, How to enable GST Setup in and Record GST Transaction and View GST Reports Like GSTR-1, GSTR-2, GSTR-3B and GST Challan and Stock Items Tax Rate and GST Return File through Busy 21 and clear all Miss-match transaction in Busy, How to Create Purchase and sale Order, How to use Bill of material in Busy 21, How to Enable TDS and TCS Setup in Busy 21 and Book TDS Expenses and View TDS and TCS Reports and Challans.

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Last updated 5/2021

Lessons (1)

Getting Started Busy 21 Chart of Account (Groups), Chart of Accounts(Ledgers) '

Introduction of Busy 21

Storage and Classification of Inventory '

Inventory Master in Busy 21

Accounting Assumption, Concept, Principles Double Entry System, Types of Account , Ledgers, Business Transaction Financial Statement, Trial Balance '

Introduction of Accounting and Voucher Entries

Introduction of Vouchers Basic Journal Entries Record in Busy 21 How to Record Sale and Purchase Invoice in Busy How to Record Discount and debit and Credit Note in Busy '

Recording Day-To-Day Transaction in Busy 21


Accounts Receivable and Payable Management and MIS Reports

How to Enable Banking Setup and Bank Ledgers in Busy 21 How to Record Bank Transaction How to Bank Reconcile and View all Banking Reports '


How to Enable GST Setup in Tally, How to Create GST Ledgers in Busy, How to Create GST Stock in Busy 21 Sales Advance Configurations '

Introduction of GST

How to Record Intra State Supply of Goods How to Record Inter State Supply of Goods How to Record Purchase and Sale return '

GST Entries in Busy 21

How to Record Services Invoices in Busy 21 How to Record Supplies Inclusive of Tax How to View GST Reports How to Adjust Input and Output of GST and GST Tax Payment '

GST Advance Entries and ITC Adjustment With Business Concepts

Introduction of RCM How to Record RCM Case 9(3)/9(4)section In Busy 21 '

Reverse Charge Mechanism

How to Record Capital Goods in Busy 21 How to Adjust Capital Good Input in Busy 21 '

Capital Goods

How to Generate JSON File for GSTR-1 and GSTR-3B How to Exporting GSTR-1 Return in JSON File How to Exporting GSTR-3B Return in JSON File '

Generate Json File and GST Return Filing Through Busy-21

How to Record and Issue Purchase Order and Quotation Voucher How to Record and Issue Sale Order and Quotation Voucher '

Management of Purchase and Sale Order and Quotation Voucher in Busy-21

Introduction of TDS and TDS Process and Due Dates How to Enable TDS Setup In Busy How to Create TDS Ledgers in Busy '

Tax Deduction at Source(TDS) Introduction in Busy 21

How To Record TDS Transaction In Busy 21 How To View TDS Reports in Busy 21 Doubt session '

TDS Entries and Reports in Busy 21

Introduction of TCS and TCS Process and Due Dates How to Enable TCS in Busy How to Create TCS Ledgers and Stock How to Record TCS Transaction How to Generate TCS Reports Doubt session '

How To use Bulk Updations Options Multiple Account Creations and Modifications Multiple Items Creations and Modifications Multiple Tax categorey Creations and Modifications '

How to merge Masters and Delete and De-Activate Masters

Whats is Stock journal and Physical Stock Voucher and how to Use How to use Miscellaneous Data Entry Option in Busy-21 '

How to Remove Expired Stock in Busy -18

How to Book Salary Expenses How to Book Rent Expenses How to Book Director Remuneration How to Book Interest on Capital How to Book Depreciations Entry How to Book Advance Entries on Salary, Rent, Commission and Interest ETC. '

Advance journal Entries

1. Opening Balance Matching 2. Party Ledger Reconciliation 3. Bank Reconciliations 4. Cash transaction 5. Gst Reports Reconciliations etc. '

Balance Sheet Finalization

Course Mentors

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