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TallyPrime Online Certification Course

Tallyprime is job operated course. Our TallyPrime Accounting Software course provides comprehensive coverage of both theoretical principles and practical applications through online video lectures. Participants will gain expertise in various areas, including creating masters in Tally Prime, recording day-to-day transactions, generating reports for accounts receivable and payable, managing GST advance entries and banking transactions, handling capital goods records, processing sales and purchase, understanding manufacturing-based accounting, mastering job work industries accounting, creating and managing quotations and pro forma invoices, implementing wholesalers-based accounting practices, payroll, configuring advanced sales settings, maintaining multi-address party ledgers, recording trade and cash discounts, debit and credit notes, handling TDS and reverse charge mechanism transactions, executing journal entries, finalizing balance sheets, managing TCS, and generating JSON files for GST return filing through Tally Prime. After successful complication of this Certification course Tyariexamki provide you certificate.

What will you learn

Job Oriented Course.

After completion of course, you will be master in tallyprime Course. if you are a fresher then this course help you find better job in accounting field or if you are already in job, this course help you to increase your post and salary.

Teach you Practically and all shortcuts

This course is fully practical with shortcuts Key. We will provide some real company demo data for practice purpose.

Robust Reporting and Analysis

TallyPrime provides insightful reports and analytics, empowering businesses to make informed decisions and optimize their operations for growth.

  • Live Class on ZOOM by Top Mentors
  • 1 Year Complete Access of Live Recorded
  • Instant Solve Your Query in Live Class
  • Full Access on Mobile, PC, Tablet and TV
  • Live Doubt Session on Weekly and Monthly Basis
  • Instant Support through WhatsApp, email and Telegram
  • Downloadable Class Notes, Forms and Study Material
  • Training on Real Data with Real Clients ( Practical Course )


No of Subjects

34 +

No of Lessons


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1. Introductions of Tally Prime 2. How to Download Tally Prime 3. How to Install Tally Prime 4. How to Create Company in Tally Prime 5. some Use Full short cut Key'

Introduction of Tally Prime and Maintaining chart of Accounts in Tally Prime

1. Accounting Masters and Inventory Master in Tally Prime 2. How to Create Groups and Ledgers 3. How to Create Stock in Tally Prime 4. How to Alterations and Deletions of Stock 5. How to Check Current Stock Status in Tally Prime 6. How to Fill Opeing'

Maintaining chart of Accounts and Maintaining Stock Keeping units (SKU)

1. Fundamentals of Accounts and Introduction of Vouchers 2. What is contra Voucher and Payment Voucher 3. What is Receipts Voucher and Journal Vouchers 4. What is Sale and Purchase Invoice 5. What is Physical and Stock Journal Vouchers 6. What is Deb'

Fundamentals of Accounts and Introduction of Vouchers in Tally Prime

1. Basic Journal Entries Record in Tally Prime 2. How to Record Sale and Purchase Invoice in Tally'

Recording Day-To-Day Transaction in Tally Prime
Recording Day-To-Day Transaction in Tally Prime Part 2

1. How to Maintaining Bill-Wise details 2. How to View Financial Statement in Tally 3. How to View Account and Inventory Book in Tal 4. How to view Cash and Fund Flow'

Accounts Receivable and Payable Management and MIS Reports


How to Record Sale and Purchase Invoice in Tally Prime


How to Record Discount and Trade Discount Transaction in Tally Prime


How to Record Debit & Credit Notes in Tally Prime

1. How to View Balance Sheet 2. How to View Profit and Loss 3. How to View Party Outstanding Balances 4. How to View Current Stock Status of Company 5. How to view Payable and Receivable'

How to View Tally Prime Reports

1. Introduction of GST 2. How to Enable GST Setup in Tally Prime 3. How to View GST Reports 4. GST Entries 5. GST Calculations 6. GST Adjustment'

GST In Tally Prime
GST Entries in Tally Prime Part 2
GST Adjustment with GST Rule and GST Reports Part-3

How to Record Intra and Inter Sale and Purchase Invoices. How to Record Debit and Credit Note. How to Add Additional Cost on Bill and Round Off/Short and excess'

Trading Industries Base Accounting-1
Trading Industries Base Accounting-2

How to Enable Banking Setup in Tally Prime. How to Create Bank Ledger with Banking Configurations. How to Record Bank Transaction. How to Reconcile of Bank Transactions. How to View Reports'

Banking Concepts in Tally Prime -1
Banking Concepts in Tally Prime - 2

1. How to Record Service Invoice in Tally 2. How to Issue Service Invoice in Tally 3. How to View Reports like Trading, Profit and Loss, and Balance Sheet Etc.'

Service Sector Base Accounting

How to Purchase of Goods/Service through order In Tally Prime. How to view Order Reports and Pass the GST Adjustment entry in Tally Prime'

Order Base Industries Accounting-1
Order Base Industries Accounting - 2

How to Record Raw Material. How to Convert Raw Material in Finished Goods. How to View Cost of Goods and Other Reports'

Manufacturing Industries Base Accounting - 1
Manufacturing Industries Base Accounting - 2

How to Issue/Record Job work Out Order. What is Material in and Material Out Voucher. How to Use Material in and Material Out Voucher in Job work Process. How to View Job work Reports. How to View Gst Reports and Pass Gst Adjustment Entry'

Job wok Industries Base Accounting - 1
Job wok Industries Base Accounting - 2

How to Enable Price Level Set-up. How to Create Price List in Tally Prime. How to Use Price Level in Party Ledgers and Sale Invoice. How to View Reports and changes in Price List'

Whole Seller Base Industries Accounting-1
Whole Seller Base Industries Accounting - 2

1. What is Reverse Charge Mechanism 2. What is RCm Section 9(3) and 9(4)'

Reverse Charge Mechanism Concept (RCM) - 1
Reverse Charge Mechanism Concept (RCM) - 2

1. What is Quotation Voucher/Proforma Invoice 2. How to Create Quotation Voucher/Proforma Invoice 3. How to Pass Quotation Voucher/Proforma Invoice 4. How to View Quotation Voucher/Proforma Invoice Reports in Tally Prime'

Quotation Voucher and Pro-Forma Invoice in Business

1. What is Capital Goods 2. How to record capital Goods Transaction 3. How to Claim ITC on Capital Goods 4. How to View Capital Goods Reports'

Capital Goods Concepts

1. What is E-way Bill 2. How to Generate E-way Bill 3. How to Cancel E-Way Bill 4. How Generate E-Way in Tally Prime'

E-way Bill Concepts

1. What is Exports 2. How to Generate Exports Invoice 3. What is LUT and Without LUT Exports 4. How to View all Reports'

Exports Concepts in Tally Prime

1. What is TDS Concepts 2. What is Deductor 3. What is Deductee 4. What is TDS Limit 5. How to Enable TDS Set-up in Tally Prime'

TDS Concepts

1. How to Deduct TDS on Transaction 2. how to Pay TDS Amount 3. How to View TDS Reports Like 26Q, 27Q, TDS Challan and TDS Outstanding '

TDS Transaction

1. How to Deduct TDS on Advance Payments 2. How to Deduct TDS on Zero and Lower rates 3. How to View TDS Reports Like 26Q, 27Q, TDS Challan and TDS Outstanding'

TDS Advance Transaction and GST Dealer Types 1
TDS Advance Transaction and GST Dealer Types-2
TDS Advance Transaction and GST Dealer Types-3

How to Maintain Book of Account as a Deductor. How to Records GST Plus TDS Transaction in Tally Prime. How to View GST Plus TDS Reports '

GST Plus Tds Concepts (Deductee) 1
GST Plus Tds Concepts (Deductee) 2

1. What is TCS Conceprt 2. What is TCS Rates 3. How to Record TCS Transaction 4. How to View TCS Reports'

TCS Concepts

1. How to Check Applicability on Business 2. How to Charge Tcs on sale of Goods 3. How to View TCS Reports '

TCS on Sale of Goods

1. How to Enable Payroll Set-up 2. How to create Employee Categories and groups 3. How to create Attendance and Production types 4. How to Create Employees'

Payroll Introduction and how to Enable in Tally Prime


Sales Advance Configurations


How to Maintain Multi Address of Party Ledgers

How to Generate JSON File for GSTR-1 and GSTR-3B How to Exporting GSTR-1 Return in JSON File How to Exporting GSTR-3B Return in JSON File'

Generate JSON File(IFF) and GST Return Filing in Tally Prime
Generate JSON File(GSTR-3B) and GST Return Filing in Tally Prime
Generate JSON File(GSTR-1) and GST Return Filing in Tally Prime

1. Opening Balance Matching 2. Party Ledger Reconciliation 3. Bank Reconciliations 4. Cash transaction 5. Gst Reports Reconciliations etc. '

Balance Sheet Finalization Important Points


Manufacturing Accounting
Basic Accounting 1
Basic Accounting 2

Course Mentors

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