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Python Advanced Programming Course

The Python Advanced Programming Course offers both theoretical understanding and practical application through concept and practical video lectures conducted in live online sessions. This job-oriented certification course ensures thorough understanding and resolution of queries related to Python Advanced Programming Software. Participants will gain comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience, covering both theoretical concepts and practical implementation. The Python Adv training Language covers a comprehensive range of topics, starting with an introduction to Python and setting up a development environment. It delves into fundamental concepts such as variables, data types, conditional statements, loops, functions, generators, decorators, OOP principles, exception handling, and file systems handling. Threading, networking, and regular expressions are explored for advanced functionality. The course progresses to cover web frameworks like Django, front-end technologies including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, and jQuery, along with data base analysis using libraries like NumPy and Pandas. Visualization techniques using Matplotlib, Seaborn, Plotly, and Cufflinks, including geographical plotting, are also included for a comprehensive learning experience. Begin Python coding journey with Python.

What will you learn

Skill Enhancement

Enhance your programming skills by mastering Python, a versatile language widely used in web development, data analysis, machine learning, and more.

Career Opportunities

Gain a competitive edge in the job market with proficiency in Python, opening doors to diverse career paths in software development, data science, artificial intelligence, and automation.

Practical Application

Apply Python's concepts and tools to real-world projects, boosting problem-solving abilities and fostering creativity in developing innovative solutions.

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  • 1 Year Complete Access of Live Recorded
  • Instant Solve Your Query in Live Class
  • Full Access on Mobile, PC, Tablet and TV
  • Live Doubt Session on Weekly and Monthly Basis
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  • Downloadable Class Notes, Forms and Study Material
  • Training on Real Data with Real Clients ( Practical Course )


No of Subjects

33 +

No of Lessons


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Installation of Python, GIT, PyCham
Create GitHub Repository
Virtual Environment Setup


Python Variables

Python Data Types (String, Integer, Boolean, Float, None Type)

Python Data Structure (List, Dictionary, Tuple, Array, Set)


Python Conditional Statement

Python Looping (Loop, Nested Loop, Control Looping)

Python Break and Continue


Types of Functions (Function with/without Parameter and/or return value)

How to Create User Defined and Anonymous Lambda Function


Python Generator

Python Decorator


What is OOPs, OOPs Implemented in Python

Inheritance and Polymorphism in Python

Operator and Method Overriding

Create Class and Core Python Object

Class Attributes


Python Exception Handling
Python Try…Except…Else…Finally

Python Debugging Errors
Debugging with PyCharm

Python Built in functions: String Related Functions, Integer Related Functions, Data Structure Relat

Python Built in Modules: OS related Module, Mathematical Modules, Asynchronous Modules, Security Mod


Python Write and Read from a File
Python Check File and Copy File

Python Pickle Module
Python Working With Directories


Python What is Threading and Multithreading
Python Different ways of Creating Threads
Python Thread Synchronization
Python Locks and Semaphores
Python Thread Communication


Python Downloading Webpage Content and Image from Web

Python Socket Programming – Client and Server

Python Sending Emails


Create a database
Create a table
CRUD operations – Create, Read, Update, Delete


Python Regular Expression Module and Regular Expression Methods
Python Quantifiers
Python Special Characters


What is Framework and Micro Framework
Fullstack Framework
Python Django Overview
MVT Architecture of Django


Create Django Project
Create Project Application
Create Database Schema
Generate database and table from Django
One2One,One2Many,Many2Many relationships


Overview of default Django Admin site
Add models on Admin Page
User Permissions and Groups
Overview of Django Views
Create Django API endpoint


How to deploy Django Project using Docker
How to deploy project on AWS and Overview of Relative AWS Services.


Introduction to HTML
HTML Tags and Lists
Divs, Span and Attributes
HTML Tables
HTML Forms


Introduction to CSS
CSS Colors and CSS Backgrounds and Borders
CSS Selectors and CSS Specificity
CSS Fonts and CSS Box Model


Introduction to JS
Connecting JS and Control Flow in JS
While loop and For loop in JS
Functions in JS
Arrays in JS
Objects in JS


Introduction to DOM
DOM Interaction
DOM events


Introduction to Bootstrap


Introduction to jQuery
jQuery Basics
jQuery Events


Jupyter Notebooks Overview
Optional : Virtual Environments


Introduction to Numpy
Numpy Arrays
Numpy Array Indexing
Numpy Operations
Numpy Exercises


Introduction to Pandas
Missing data and Groupby
Merginig Joining and Concatenation
Data Input and Output
Pandas Exercises


Introduction to Data Visualization
Introduction to Matplotlib
Matplotlib plots Methods - Functional and Object Oriented
Matplotlib Excercises


Introduction to Pandas Built-in Data Visualization
Pandas Data visualization Exercise


Introduction to Plotly and Cufflinks
Plotly and Cufflinks


Introduction to Geographical Plotting
Choropeth Maps
Choropleth Exercises


Website Project using Python django
Data Capstone Project using Data analysis and Visualization

Course Mentors

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