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Introduction to English Language

Parts of Speech - Functional Grammar Class 1
Parts of Speech - Functional Grammar Class 2
Parts of Speech - Functional Grammar Class 3

Introduction to Mood & Its Concepts class 1
Mood- Problem Solving Class 2
Introduction to Inversion Class-1
Inversion Class-2

Introduction to Sentence Class-1
Sentence Class-2
Sentence - Based on Function

Introduction to linking verb- Class-1
Linking Verb- Problem solving class-2
Linking Verb - Problem solving class-3
Linking Verb - WH Family Class - 4

Introduction to Verb & Its Type Class-1
Verb - Transitive & Intransitive Class
Verb- Introgetive & Negative Sentence Class-3
Verb- Introgetive & Negative Sentence Class-4
Verb- Introgetive & Negative Sentence Class-5

Introduction Non Finite Verb
Non Finite Verb Class-2
Non Finite Verb Class-3

Introduction to Tense- Class-1
Tense- Verb Forms Class-2
Type of Tense- Class 3
Tense Class-4

Introduction to Pronoun & Its Types Class
Pronoun Types Class
Pronoun - Problem solving class

Introduction to Adverb
Types of Adverb
Adverb - Problem Solving Class

Introduction to Adjective, its Types and Degree
Adjective Problem solving Class
Adjective Degree - Class
Adjective Class

Introduction to Article and its Type
Article - Use of A or AN
Article- Use of The
Articles - Problem Solving Class - 1
Articles - Problem Solving Class - 2
Articles - Problem Solving Class - 3

Introduction to Conjuction & its Type Class - 1
Introduction to Conjuction & its Type Class - 2
Conjuction Problem Solving Class

Introduction to Determiners & Its Type
Determiner and its type Class - 2
Determiner- Problem solving class-1
Determiner- Problem solving class-2

Introduction to Conditional Sentence
Conditional Sentence Problem Solving Class-1
Conditional Sentence Problem Solving Class-2
Conditional Sentence Problem Solving Class-3
Conditional Sentence Problem Solving Class-4
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