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Quantitative Aptitude


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Introduction & Reminder Part-1
Introduction & Reminder Part-2
Introduction & Reminder Part-3
Divisibility by 11

Percentage - Introduction to Percentage
Percentage - Application of Percentage
Percentage - Constant product Ratio (CPR)
Percentage - Election Based Situation
Percentage- Problem Solving-Class-1
Percentage- Problem Solving-Class-2

Introduction to Simple interest
Simple Interest- Problem Solving Approach Class-1
Simple Interest- Problem Solving Approach Class-2
Simple Interest- Problem Solving Approach Class-3

Compound Interest- An introduction to Concept
Compound Ineterst- Problem solving Class-1
Compound Ineterst- Problem solving Class-2

Average - An Introduction to Concept
Average - Problem Solving based on People
Average - Problem Solving Class
Finding average of Group

Height & Distance- Concept and Problem Solving Approach

Geometary - Concept and its Application
Triangle - Problem based on Similarity

Mixture and Alligation- An Introduction to Concepts
Application of Mixture and Alligation

Algebra Whole Cube(a+b)
Algebra - Problem Based on Indentity
Algebra - Problem solving Class

Mensuration - Cube, Cuboid Cylinder
Mensuration- Cube, Cuboid, Shape, Clynder, Sphere, Volume
Mensuration - Rombous, Parrlelogram, Trapezium
Mensuration- Concept, Triangle, Quadriletral

Trigonometary - An Introduction & Problem solving

Introduction to Pipe and Cistern Class
Pipe & Cistern- Problem solving Class

Time & Work - Introduction and Concepts
Time and work - Problem based on Mandays
Time & Work - Problem Based on alternat days
Time and work Problem based on efficiency
Time and Work- Problem based on combination

Profit & Loss- Problem Solving_Dishonest Shopkeeper

Square & Cube Root- Introduction & approach to problem solving
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